Test 23 of December

Brown Chief Barthez

passed Ipo 3 big

Congratulations to Jin Suhr

Great start of december

The 1/12-2018 3 Brown Chief dogs was at test in sbh 13, Judge Hanne Boe.

Brown Chief Ayden passed FH 2 (sph 2) with 94 points

Brown Chief Bakki passed FH 2 (sph 2) with 85 points

Brown Chief Betty passed Ipo 1, so proud of you Alice Bøgh Big Congratulations 😍

November Month

What an amazing november Month for kennel Brown Chief

The 3/11 Brown Chief Coi (Ninja) became Danish champion, Big Congratulations Louise Jensen-Agerkilde

The 10/11 Brown Chief Ayden passed fpr 2 with 97 points

The 17/11
Brown Chief Cora passed Ipo 3 with 82-75-93 a, Big Congratulations Lisa Bøilerehauge.

Brown Chief Brandy (Libby) passed Ipo 2 with 89-83-80 a, Big Congratulations Andrew Jacqui Ball.

The 18/11 Brown Chief Bakki passed Ipo 3 with 79 (lost all 3 articles) – 96-90 A. And we are now qualified for IDC World Championship 2019😍

Danish Championship for dobermann

Danish Championship for Dobermann


Brown Chief Coi FH1 75 points and number 1

Brown Chief Cora IPO 2 81-75-87 and number 1

Brown Chief Betty IPO 1 tracking and obedience

95-95 and number 1

Brown Chief Bakki IPO 3

73-78-93 points and number 3

Brown Chief Barthez IPO 3 disqualified


Copenhagen winner 2018

Brown Chief Coi (Ninja) at show in Denmark 

EX1 and cac in working class, BOB and

Copenhagen Winner 2018

Qualified for German Championship

Brown Chief Ayden qualified for German Championship 2018

in Dv Stuttgart Best defence on the Day 85-90-95 and number 2 out of 8.

What a Big day

At trial today


Brown Chief Bakiya IPO 2 with points 85-89-90 = 264

Brown Chief Barthez IPO 2 with points 100-95-88 = 283  

Brown Chief Bakki IPO 3 with points 97-87-90 = 274 first qualification for IDC World Championship 2019

Big Congratulations to Jin and Lene, I am so proud!



Danish dobermann cup 2018

Danish dobermann cup 2018

Brown Chief Cora

DDC winner – Siegerin 🏆🤗❤️
Best Attack Female 😊

Champion Klasse-EX1 – CK – Certifikat

Dommer: Atillio Polifrone, Italy
Figurant : Pierre Lunnahl og Robert Kraus

Kritik til hund DK14667/2015: 3 years, correct teeth, elegant typical female, big size, correct head with paralelle line, good muzzle and underjaw, skull a little round, eyes is medium color and round, long neck, topline is solid, correct croup, good angulation in front, very good chest and forchest, very good angulation in rear, paralelle legs in front and rear, correct bone, correct mantel, ale and marks, correct movement, topline and legement solid, paralelle legs

Danish kennel club show Vejen

Danish kennel club show Vejen 17/6-2018 Judge George Kostopoulos

Brown Chief Cora EX 1 CAC, CACIB and BOB and Danish Champion.

Big Congratulations to owner Lisa Bøilerhauge 

Swedish winner show 2018

 Swedish winner show 2018, Judge Natalia Fokht (ru)

Brown Chief Bakki EX1 cac Champion Class and 2nd Best male

Brown Chief Bakiya EX1 cac working Class and 2nd Best female and Swedish Champion

Brown Chief Barthez EX1 cac working class and 3rd Best male and Swedish Champion

So so proud of Jin Suhr and Lene Andersen