Great trial day

19/10-2019 Trial Day at Danish dobermann club Thy, Judge Michael Brandenhoff and helper Jørgen Poulsen.

Brown Chief Bakki IGP 3 86-80-93 P and he is now qualified to Danish Championship for all breeds 2020

I am so very proud of my boy💙

Thank you so much for Well organised test, a very Nice Day🤗

The biggest Thank goes to Pierre Lundahl for his excellent work with Bakki, you are a star🤩
Thank you all my friends who supported me and to Mette Møller Larsen and Patricia Hass Pilborg for making sure my dogs are fit for competing😍

Danish Championship for dobermann


14/9 Danish Championship for dobermann, Judge Hans Hansen and Helpers Jesper Hammer and Claus Jensen.

Brown Chief Bakiya SPR 3 87 P and trophy for Best defence Big Congratulations Lene Andersen

Brown Chief Coi FPR 2 85 points Big congratulation Louise Jensen-Agerkilde

Brown Chief Barthez IGP 3 10-81-83 Best of luck next time Jin Suhr

Brown Chief Cora IGP 3 33-70-74 Best of luck next time Lisa Bøilerhauge


Another great trial day

31/8-19 Another great trial Day for kennel Brown Chief, Judge Erik Ahrends and helper Mikkel Carlseng.

Brown Chief Cora passed IGP 3 with 72-86-92 P and is now qualified for Danish Championship for all breeds

Brown Chief Barthez passed IGP 3 with 85-89-88 P and is now qualified for Danish Championship for all breeds

congratulations to both of you


What a year for Libby and Andrew

Brown Chief Brandy and Andrew Ball has done an amazing job, I am so proud.

17/2-19 French working test Tan/tat

17/2-19 working class 3rd graded excellent

26/5-19 ZTP V1A

17/8-19 IGP 3 courage “P”


What an amazing weekend

18/8-19 Danish dobermann club special show, Judge Thomas Becht.

Brown Chief Draco VP baby class males

Brown Chief Dasha VP 4 in baby class females

In UK 2 of my puppies from my b-litter was at working test. So now 6 puppies from This litter has working tests..

Brown Chief Brandy IGP 3 points 80-76-88 P

Brown Chief Blaze IGP 1 points 96-81-87 P

Great job all of you

Danish Dobermann Cup

Judge defence Per Svoldgaard Judge Evgeniy Rozenberg (RU)



Breeders group we won and Got Honour Price and very good critique 

Brown Chief Ayden EX 1 cac in veteran class females

Brown Chief Barthez VP 1 in working class males and excellent in defence and cup winner 2019

Brown Chief Bakki EX 2 cac in champion class males and very good in defence

Brown Chief Coi EX 1 cac in working class females

Big Congratulations to you all

D-Litter 5 weeks old

Brown Chief Dusty

Brown Chief Draco

Brown Chief Dasha

5-6th of May IDC World Championship for dobermann

Me and Bakki participated to our first World Championship together, has participated with hit mother Ayden 3 times. Unfortunately it didnt turned out as expected, because of injuries from competition 3 weeks before we didnt pass defence. I Can only Blame myself and be proud of my boy who made 94 points on track and 90 points in obedience. I Would Like to Thank all my  supporters, especially Nico Pietens who supported me all the Way you are the Best! And Also a Big Thanks to Patricia Hass Pilborg and Mette Møller Larsen for treating my dogs and keep Them Sound and healthy, you 2 are Stars in my book!

The 12 of May Ninja and Louise passed IPG 1

Brown Chief Coi (Ninja) passed IGP 1 with 85-78-81 A. Big Congratulations Louise Jensen-Agerkilde🤗

DKKs IGP 3 Danish Championship 13-14 of april

Brown Chief Barthez Got the score 90-75-82 A. Big Congratulations Well done Jin Suhr🤗


Brown Chief Bakki was injured so unfortunately we didnt pass the defence work, but we won the trophy for tracking eye-cather Of the week.