Trial day

8/12-2019 Another great trial Day kennel Brown Chief, Judge Lene Carlson and helper Jesper Hammer Jensen.

Brown Chief Barthez passed one more IGP 3 with 82-87-81 P, Big Congratulations Jin Suhr🤗

Qualified for IDC WM 2020

Amazing trial Day kennel Brown Chief, Judge Ella Laursen and helper Pierre Lundahl.

Brown Chief Bakki passed IGP 3 with 100-95-92 P and is now qualified to IDC WM 2020 and became Danish working champ❤️

Thank you so much Patricia Hass Pilborg and Mette Møller Larsen for keeping my dogs healthy and Sound❤️

Big Thanks to Louise Jensen-Agerkilde , Betina Rosenkrantz and Nico Pietens for supporting me today at the trial and Pierre Lundahl my amazing helper for your great work with my dog😍🤩

Trial Day


Trial day, Judge Finn Berthelsen.

Brown Chief Cora passed IFH-V with 95 points.

Big congratulation Lisa Bøilerehauge

DCM free by 24 hours holter

1/11-2019 Brown Chief Bakki tested DCM free by 24 hours holter💙




24/10-2019 Brown Chief Dasha 6 Month old❤️

Great trial day

19/10-2019 Trial Day at Danish dobermann club Thy, Judge Michael Brandenhoff and helper Jørgen Poulsen.

Brown Chief Bakki IGP 3 86-80-93 P and he is now qualified to Danish Championship for all breeds 2020

I am so very proud of my boy💙

Thank you so much for Well organised test, a very Nice Day🤗

The biggest Thank goes to Pierre Lundahl for his excellent work with Bakki, you are a star🤩
Thank you all my friends who supported me and to Mette Møller Larsen and Patricia Hass Pilborg for making sure my dogs are fit for competing😍

Danish Championship for dobermann


14/9 Danish Championship for dobermann, Judge Hans Hansen and Helpers Jesper Hammer and Claus Jensen.

Brown Chief Bakiya SPR 3 87 P and trophy for Best defence Big Congratulations Lene Andersen

Brown Chief Coi FPR 2 85 points Big congratulation Louise Jensen-Agerkilde

Brown Chief Barthez IGP 3 10-81-83 Best of luck next time Jin Suhr

Brown Chief Cora IGP 3 33-70-74 Best of luck next time Lisa Bøilerhauge


Another great trial day

31/8-19 Another great trial Day for kennel Brown Chief, Judge Erik Ahrends and helper Mikkel Carlseng.

Brown Chief Cora passed IGP 3 with 72-86-92 P and is now qualified for Danish Championship for all breeds

Brown Chief Barthez passed IGP 3 with 85-89-88 P and is now qualified for Danish Championship for all breeds

congratulations to both of you


What a year for Libby and Andrew

Brown Chief Brandy and Andrew Ball has done an amazing job, I am so proud.

17/2-19 French working test Tan/tat

17/2-19 working class 3rd graded excellent

26/5-19 ZTP V1A

17/8-19 IGP 3 courage “P”


What an amazing weekend

18/8-19 Danish dobermann club special show, Judge Thomas Becht.

Brown Chief Draco VP baby class males

Brown Chief Dasha VP 4 in baby class females

In UK 2 of my puppies from my b-litter was at working test. So now 6 puppies from This litter has working tests..

Brown Chief Brandy IGP 3 points 80-76-88 P

Brown Chief Blaze IGP 1 points 96-81-87 P

Great job all of you