Danish dobermann cup 2018

Danish dobermann cup 2018

Brown Chief Cora

DDC winner – Siegerin 🏆🤗❤️
Best Attack Female 😊

Champion Klasse-EX1 – CK – Certifikat

Dommer: Atillio Polifrone, Italy
Figurant : Pierre Lunnahl og Robert Kraus

Kritik til hund DK14667/2015: 3 years, correct teeth, elegant typical female, big size, correct head with paralelle line, good muzzle and underjaw, skull a little round, eyes is medium color and round, long neck, topline is solid, correct croup, good angulation in front, very good chest and forchest, very good angulation in rear, paralelle legs in front and rear, correct bone, correct mantel, ale and marks, correct movement, topline and legement solid, paralelle legs

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