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Swedish winner show 2018

 Swedish winner show 2018, Judge Natalia Fokht (ru)

Brown Chief Bakki EX1 cac Champion Class and 2nd Best male

Brown Chief Bakiya EX1 cac working Class and 2nd Best female and Swedish Champion

Brown Chief Barthez EX1 cac working class and 3rd Best male and Swedish Champion

So so proud of Jin Suhr and Lene Andersen

IDC World Championship 2018


IDC World Championship 2018 in Slovakia the 4-6th of may

Brown Chief Ayden became number 8 with points 88-88-94

one of the Best days of my live, so proud of my little superstar😍

IPO 3 Danish Championship for all breeds

Ipo 3 Danish Championship for all breeds 6-8th of april 2018

Ayden and me attended to Danish championship for all breeds for the third time, Think it Went very Well. Points were 89-90-79 udp. Now we feel ready for IDC WM for dobermann 2018


Øernes Mesterskab DDK

1/4-2018 øernes mesterskab ddk, dommer Hans Hansen.

Brown Chief Coi stillede i fpr 2, trods udfordringer og førerfejl bestod de med 73 point stort tillykke til ejer og hundefører Louise Agerkilde

Brown Chief Barthez stillede i IPO 2, de bestod med 70-80-85 udp stort tillykke til Jin Suhr

What has happened in the last 2.5 years!

Brown Chief Ayden

Danish dobermann club special show, judge Allan Berling,

honour prize in kennel group and progeny group!

FH 1, ADpr (DE), German körung 1A in 2017, IPO 3, Danish working champion

participating in IDC WM 2016 and 2017 and qualified for 2018!

participating in danish championship ipo 3 for all breeds in 2016 and 2017 and qualified for 2018!

participating in DV DM for dobermann in 2016


Brown Chief Bakki

BH, ADpr (DE), ZTP, IPOvo, IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, FH 1 (sph 1)

Danish Champion, Swedish Champion, Danish Bronzedog 2017,

danish dobermann club winner 2016

HD A, AD 0, vWD free, PHTVL/PHPV free, DCM free by 24 h holter august 2017

Mating in kennel Acaya with Vanilya Betelges september 2017


Brown Chief Bakiya owner Lene Andersen

BH, ADpr, ZTP V1A, IPOvo (100 x 93 x 97), IPO 1 (98 x 80 x 90)

Danish Champion, HD A, AD 0, OCD free


Brown Chief Cora owner Lisa Bøilerhauge

BH, ADpr (DE), ZTP V1A, IPO 1 (74 x 88 x 82)

Danish dobermann club junior winner and junior champion 2016,

danish kennel club nordic junior winner

HD A, AD 0, vWD free, PHTVL/PHPV free


Brown Chief Barthez owner Jin Suhr

BH, IPOvo, IPO 1 and participating in Danish Championship IPO 1 for all breeds,

ZTP V1A, ADpr (DE) 

Copenhagen winner 2016 and 2017, Danish Golddog 2017,

Danish Champion, HC Andersen winner 2017

HD A, AD 0, OCD free, vWD free, PHTVL/PHPV free


Brown Chief Coi (Ninja) owner Louise Jensen-Agerkilde

BH, IPOvo (90-88-78) 

Copenhagen junior winner, HC Andersen winner 2017


Brown Chief Betty owner Alice Bøgh

BH, Beginner obedience 99 points, 


Brown Chief Blaze owner Dean Banks (UK) kennel Jadeena

BH, PHTVL/PHPV free, DCM free october 2017,

newborn puppies with Yankee vom Klingbach


Brown Chief Brandy (Libby) owner Andrew Ball (UK)




So proud of every single one of you and what you have achieved with Aydens babies, and Ayden you are my star <3

C-litter is born 24th of july.

6 puppies are born

2 brown males, 1 black male and 3 black females


8th of november Brown Chief Ayden passed IPO 2

Danish winner show 2014

2th of november, judge Allan Berling (DK.)

Brown Chief Amaya EX1 Champion Class, CK, BEST FEMALE, BOB and Danish Winner 2014.


Brown Chief Bakki VP1 and BEST PUPPY

Brown Chief Barthez VP2

Brown Chief Bakiya VP2 and BEST female puppy

Brown Chief Blaze FOR SALE (IPO and SHOW)

Brown Chief Blaze FOR SALE