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DV siegerhauptschau 23/6-2013

DV siegershow 23/6-2013 judge Hans Wilbeshauser
Brown Chief Ayden V1 in working class brown females
Vice-DV siegerin Brown females!!!

Brown Chief Asko 2 years old

Show results

Special Show 15/6-2013 in DDK Aalborg, judge Allan Berling.
Brown Chief Amaya V1 CK open class females BEST female BOS
Brown Chief Asko V1 CK open class males 2nd Best Male
Brown Chief Ayden V1 CK working class females 2nd Best female
What a day, once again so proud of the owners!

Look under Males

Brown Chief Akeem has now his own page in here, take a look under males and find more information !

Brown Chief Amaya passed ZTP here is the video

New health results

Brown Chief Ayden Cardio- DCM- Free by 24 hours holter 

Brown Chief Akeem Cardio- DCM- Free by 24 hours holter  

Brown Chief Amaya best black female in Altona

Brown Chief Amaya (Muga) became today in Altona Landesgruppe-Siegerin, V1, CAC in the most difficult class today to be judged, according to the judge! Sooo happy and proud! Great job Rene and Rikke..

Brown Chief Akeem passed ZTP here is the video

Great news

What a weekend, so proud of my first litter ♥

Saturday 27/4 by judge Armin Hoppe

Brown Chief Akeem and
Brown Chief Amaya passed ZTP!

Sunday 28/4 show danish dobermann club judged by Armin Hoppe.

Brown Chief Ayden EX1 and CK in workingclass and BOB
Brown Chief Asko EX2 in Open Class and 3rd BEST MALE
Brown Chief Amaya EX2 in Open Class

Congratulations to all owners, you have given me a fantastic weekend!

Brown Chief Ayden

The 22 of april Brown Chief Ayden passed IPOvo

with points 70-85-90

So proud of her