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Great weekend for kennel Brown Chief

5/10-2013 Danish dobermann championship judge Leif Haarder

Brown Chief Ayden IPO 1 first place

6/10-2013 Danish Grand Prix Show, judge Merete Dalgaard.

Brown Chief Amaya Ex1 ck working class and BOB, congratulations to owners Rene Husher and Rikke Husher! (Bronzedog 2013)

Brown Chief Ayden Ex1 Champion Class and second Best Bitch of all.. (Golddog 2013)

Sooo so happy and proud


15.09.2013 Brown Chief Amaya passed IPO vo

IDC show Romania 2013

Brown Chief Ayden EX4 working class Brown females IDC 2013

Danish Dobermann Winner Show 2013

Brown Chief Amaya EX3 ck open class, congratulations to owners 🙂

Brown Chief Ayden EX1 ck working class, 2nd BEST female of the day and now Danish Champion!!!


Special Show Sweden 10/8-2013

Special Show in Sweden 10/8-2013 judge Wera Hübenthal Out of 53 dogs, 

Brown Chief Ayden became BOB!

Show Dortmund 28/7-2013

28/7-2013 show in Dortmund, judge Armin Hoppe.

Brown Chief Ayden V1 in working class, and res cac.

DV siegerhauptschau 23/6-2013

DV siegershow 23/6-2013 judge Hans Wilbeshauser
Brown Chief Ayden V1 in working class brown females
Vice-DV siegerin Brown females!!!

Brown Chief Asko 2 years old

Show results

Special Show 15/6-2013 in DDK Aalborg, judge Allan Berling.
Brown Chief Amaya V1 CK open class females BEST female BOS
Brown Chief Asko V1 CK open class males 2nd Best Male
Brown Chief Ayden V1 CK working class females 2nd Best female
What a day, once again so proud of the owners!

Look under Males

Brown Chief Akeem has now his own page in here, take a look under males and find more information !